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Identity Theft Claims A New Victim Every 2 Seconds. Protect Yourself Now Before You Become Just Another Statistic...

From: Bill Heid

Dear friend,

It's a scary world out there. Getting scarier all the time. Seems like everywhere you turn you're being watched... either by Uncle Sam himself or a brand new breed of high-tech heisters.

Nothing is safe anymore, and the more we "move forward" technologically, the more vulnerable we make ourselves.

Security breaches at large institutions like Target and Home Depot have become almost commonplace, and although they promise they're doing everything they can to prevent future breaches, reports of such events on the nightly news don't seem to be any less frequent.

With the rise in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) usage in everything from credit cards to passports, your valuable data is about as secure as a safe made of jello. And anyone... yes, anyone can buy an RFID reader online for about $300. (They even sell them on eBay.)

With this simple device someone could literally steal every pertinent piece of information about you and your credit without even touching you... essentially pickpocketing you HANDSFREE.

Did you know that the information in the RFID chip contained in your passport holds your Social Security Number? It's true.

How would you feel if you suddenly found out that you defaulted on a credit card you never applied for?

What if you took a trip to the grocery store and returned home to discover your bank account had been cleaned out while you had been driving home.

Sound impossible? It's not.

According to the Smart Card Association there were about 100 million RFID credit cards in circulation all the way back in 2012. And you can be assured that the number has increased every year since.

And your phone?

Well, while smart phones are incredibly handy for everyday tasks like checking emails, doing a quick internet search or even paying bills, all the information stored within it is vulnerable as well.

And now even the local police department can hack into your phone and gain access to your information... or even turn on your GPS to see where you are.

How many passwords do you have in your phone? Contacts? Personal information contained in emails?

The fact is, your smartphone is a bullseye for identity theft.

It's no wonder 7% of all Americans over the age of 16 are victims of identity theft.

Scary to say the least.

When we started researching just how common identity theft has become, we were startled at the facts. And we thought we should find a way to combat this growing threat.

So we came up with the...

Firewall XD Wallet

Firewall XD The Firewall XD Wallet is surrounded by a pickpocket-proof layer of high-tech Aluminum Alloy Armor and is impervious to incognito intrusions.

It looks just like a regular wallet, but it's really the "Fort Knox" of RFID security. If anybody wants your credit cards, they're going to have to physically pry them out of your pocket.

Here are a few facts about the Firewall XD Wallet:

The Firewall XD Wallet is the most secure RFID blocking wallet on the market today.

And, as a special introductory offer, we're also going to include our...

Firewall XD Mini

Firewall XD The Firewall XD Mini has all the same security features as the full-sized wallet, but in a much more compact size. If you ever need to just hit the road with a credit card, an ID and maybe a few bucks, this little item is super handy... and secure. It easily slips into a pocket or purse and provides the same peace of mind as its larger counterpart.

It retails for $30, but we're going to throw it in absolutely free if you order your Firewall XD Wallet today.

Oh, and one more thing.

We're so committed to combatting these digital derelicts, we thought we'd throw in our Phone Signal Blocking Firewall XD.

Simply toss your phone into it... or your passport and you have instant security. Use it at the airport, the mall... heck, any public place and you'll never have to worry about somebody stealing vital data about your credit, your passwords or your banking information... not to mention your Social Security Number.
Firewall XD
The Phone Signal Blocking Firewall XD has a retail value of $30, but it's yours free, along with the Firewall XD Mini, when you order your Firewall XD Wallet.

Wallets similar to the Firewall XD sell for as high as $90 online, but as a part of this special introductory offer, you can get yours for just $49.95 plus shipping and handling.

And if you were to add in all the bonuses, you'd be looking at a value of about 100 bucks.

But, if you get yours before we run out, you can have the entire package for a measly $49.95. That's more than $50 off what we'll have to charge when we get our next shipment in... IF we can even get them again.

But you’ll have to hurry... we only have 25 of these packages. And they’re going to go fast.

So get yours before you become a victim of identity theft... not after.


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Checks and Money Orders should be made payable to: Powerful Living.

Bill Heid

Bill Heid
President, Powerful Living

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